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About the conference

The 4th annual Wireless Power World 2015is going to be held on September 18th in Beijing, China. This big event has been organized by DEMAND-LED three times with huge success. Most of the attendees regarded the opportunity as a valuable one and have expressed their interests in attending next one. With the breakthrough of wireless charging technologies in 2015, especially the merger of A4WP& PMA and the rapid growth of wireless charging in EV and wearable devices, This coming event will provide a great platform for top experts from the whole industry chain to share information on new technological developments, competing standards, and various applications in wireless charging technologies.

Attendees will come from the most various industrial fields: Wireless Power Technology, Semiconductor & IC Component, Battery & Mobile Device & Automotive Accessory, OEM/ODM, Infrastructure, Testing and Certification, Academy and Organization.
This event, as one part of Future Life Show, will be co-located with Sports & Health Innovation World 2015 and Vehicle Innovation World 2015.

• Sports & Health Innovation World 2015 ( Sep. 17-18 )
• Vehicle Innovation World 2015 ( Sep. 17 )

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